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Due to popular request, here's a discussion post for this week's episode!

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wwooOOOOooo! GARNET has had her eyes on GARNET for a long time. she finally builds up the courage to send her a LOVE LETTER confessing all her true feelings. but how does GARNET feel about this? isn’t GARNET already seeing someone else? does GARNET even notice GARNET?! LOVE LETTERS! the next cute episode of STEVEN UNIVERSE! boareded by HELLEN JO and LAMAR ABRAMS!


Jamie the mailman confesses he has feelings for Garnet, but he doesn't know that Garnet is already in a relationship with herself (such is romantic life for sentient space rocks). Oh no! What will happen next???

New episode, new discussion.


I actually really appreciated what this episode was trying to say about "love at first sight." I was expecting this show to have Garnet at least humor Jamie's affection, and was surprised when she straight up stone-cold said no to his face. But then again, Garnet doesn't really bullshit around with anything, and since she is literally the epitome of true love (between two small space lesbeins), I guess this is her giving him some good advice. Like namely, at least know basic things about the person you fall in love with.

Also, is it just me, or does Jamie remind anyone of a young Jerry Seinfeld? With the nose, the love of acting, and a name that starts with the letter j? Anyone? No? Ok...

edit: here's some vaguely relevant fanart.


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Date: 2015-04-30 11:25 pm (UTC)
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I was happier that Steven didn't entertain it even for a moment "Oh, well that's not happening"


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