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Happy New Year! May your resolutions be inspiring, your prospects encouraging, and all your fusions stable.

And on that note...more SU.

( s01e36 Warp Tour through s01e42 Winter Forecast )

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At this rate, I'll at least be finished with s1 before the Stevenbomb hits.

New and old commenters welcome!

Spoilers follow, as always.

( s01e25 Mirror Gem through s01e30 Island Adventure )

( s01e31 Keep Beach City Weird through s01e35 Lion 3: Straight to Video )
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The rewatch continues, with s01e06 Cat Fingers through s01e10 Steven's Lion.

I want to talk about this with more people, so come, join in!
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I'm doing a Steven Universe rewatch over in my journal. Come follow along! (New followers and first-time commenters welcome.)

( Click through for season 1, episodes 1-5 )

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Ho ho ho ho prepare yourselves

It's coming.

As if two steven bombs weren't enough

☆ Click here to join the discussion! ☆

As always, there's fanart in the comments. ;)

More Links

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Hey, everybody! How's it going? Been enjoying the hiatus so far? No? Well, I got some news that I think that might be interesting, and help make things better.

First and most important:

  • Steven Universe returns June 15th, a.k.a. this Monday after the weekend! Not only is it ending the hiatus, but it's doing so by breaking out with it's own Stevenbomb, meaning a new episode every day! I advise to get pumped, and also read those sticky notes very closely...

  • Read more... )


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